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As we believe that research has a better impact when it is shared, all of our articles are published free from any restrictions on access.

By publishing with us, you are sharing your research in a freely and openly manner. The Holm Oak is empowering researchers worldwide and making a positive impact both in academia and society.

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Why publish with us?

Open Access – All of our journals are fully Open Access.

Wider Readership – All of our articles are accessible worldwide and free of any readership restrictions, and submitted to all known abstracting and indexing services.

Commitment to Quality – We are committed to publish only high quality research.

Submission System – Authors will experience a simple and effective online submission system.

Peer Review - All of our articles will pass through an efficient and rigorous triple blind peer-review process with a quick turnaround period.

Copyright – Authors retain the copyright of their work and can reuse, share and archive the article in any institutional repository without embargo period.

Editorial Teams – Each journal has a team of experienced academics in its Editorial Board.

Memberships – We provide post or pre-paid discount plans to our institutional members.

Discounts and Exemptions – We provide discounts and exemptions from the Article Processing Charges to authors who cannot afford them.