International Journal of Ecosystem Services

Aiming for a sustainable future, the International Journal Of Ecosystem Services seeks to improve the communication and debate on the value of worldwide Ecosystem Services. By publishing high-quality Open Access articles, The Holm Oak is increasing the exposure of authors and their research.

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International Journal of Urban Governance

The International Journal Of Urban Governance is a new interdisciplinary, open-access, peer-reviewed journal by The Holm Oak that aims to publish high quality articles for a deepening understanding of democratic and inclusive planning policies.

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Journal of Urban Dynamics

This is a new journal covering aspects related to urban dynamics, in which changes in the urban systems and forces influencing them are considered.

The Journal of Urban Dynamics involves economics, planning, design, engineering, utopia, sociology, sustainability, morphology, ecology, demography, and any other forces able to directly or indirectly modify urban systems. The latter can be approached by urban modelling, data analytics, complexity science, urban management and policies, urban and regional economics, sociology, human geography, and so on.

Apart from studies about forces altering urban systems, the journal also welcomes theoretical and empirical works, as well as reports showing types and amounts of urban changes from one or multiple angles.

Dr. Luca D'Acci

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Megacities is a new interdisciplinary, open-access, peer-reviewed journal. With Megacities, The Holm Oak is promoting public debate on urban development, mega-urbanization, traffic, pollution, and consumption habits, and aiming to publish high quality papers finding innovative perspectives and solutions.

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Social Media Research

Social Media Research is an Open Access Journal published by The Holm Oak that covers aspects related to the use (and non-use) all forms of Social Media.

Social Media Research aims for publishing interdisciplinary studies on the impact of computer-mediated communication - such as virtual communities and social network sites.

By discussing the significance of the interaction between humans and computers, this journal is enforcing the debate on topics such as self-disclosure, online privacy, cyber-security, health promotion, the use of social media in organizations, the the impact on social relations, and the role of ICTs.

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Volunteered Geographic Information

Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) is a new interdisciplinary, open-access, peer-reviewed journal by The Holm Oak.

With this journal, we aim to publish interdisciplinary high quality on the technical issues and social aspects of Volunteered Geographic Information, and on the future of geo-spatial data.

Dr. Peter Mooney

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