What is Open Access?

Open Access is the free, immediate access and unrestricted reuse of original works of all types.

At The Holm Oak we apply a CC-BY licence to all the works we publish, upon which authors agree or make their research legally available to read and download, without any special permission or fees: this means that any researcher from any institution, anywhere in the world is able to access the full extent of our publications with no subscription fees. Articles published under this licence may be copied, distributed or reused, as long as the author and original source are properly cited.

As we are currently reaching a point in History in which the publication’s paradigm is shifting towards the democratization of scientific knowledge, Institutions worldwide are acknowledging the benefits of Open Access and creating special funds to allow Open Access publications. We advise all of our authors to check with their institutions if there are Open Access funds available, and if their institution is already one of our Institutional Members.

how open access funding works

If an Institution does not have an Open Access Fund or is financially unable to cover the Article Processing Charges for publishing at The Holm Oak, we guarantee a waiver policy in the case of an article that has been accepted for publication. We strongly advise all authors, institutions and libraries to know more about our membership programs.

To learn more about Open Access please check the following websites: opensource.com and SPARC.